Friday, July 31, 2015

A Time For Knowledge

'Ike no i ka la o ka 'ike, mana no i ka la o ka mana. This Hawaiian proverb is usually translated as "a time for knowledge, and a time for power." It refers to doing what is appropriate at the appropriate time. When it's time to gather knowledge, gather knowledge; when it's time to use power, use power. Life works better for us when we follow its rhythms.

About twenty-five years ago I found myself in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania on one of my community development safaris. I had spent the day inspecting wells, evaluating nutrition programs, and consulting on agricultural projects being carried out with one of the Berber tribes of the interior. At the end of a day so hot I had to wear a bandana over my mouth to keep from dehydrating too quickly, I was sitting on a finely woven rug in the black goatskin tent sharing tea with the chief and his family. The sides of the tent were rolled up so we could watch the sun seeting over the distant dunes and enjoy the cooling air. Some men in turbans and burnooses were gathered around a campfire outside. Their soft words mingled with the grunts and gurgles of camels resting on the ground and the barely heard conversing of veiled women seated further away. The whole thing was incredibly exotic and beautiful. And as a young man poured me more tea from an intricately-carved silver and ebony teapot I thought, "Oh, brother, here we go again!." Today I might have said, "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!"

That event occured toward the end of seven adventure-filled years in West Africa during which I had traveled from Timbuctu to Fernando Poo, from Dakar to Nairobi, and lots of spots between. I can't begin to tell you of the things I did and saw in this short space, but suffice to say that I lived out all my fantasies of Tarzan and Jungle Jim and much more besides. I was getting international recognition as one of the best in my field; I had developed innovative approaches to development work; the things I was doing were helping to improve the lives of millions of people; and I was bored out of my skull. I was very knowledgeable and highly skilled, but I felt stifled. From deep inside I felt the need to grow, and in that situation at that time there was no more room for inner growth. So I quit.

With no job and little money I took my family home and started over on another adventure that led eventually to my present situation, oddly similar to the one above. Today I am an internationally-known speaker, giving workshops and seminars all over the world. I love to teach and I do it well, but from deep inside I'm hearing that call again. It's time to grow, time to gather knowledge and use my powers in a different direction. Not totally different, of course. In Africa I was helping people to help themselves; I am doing that now, and I will continue to do that. But It's time to do it differently.

For years I have wanted to write much more than I have. Now I am going to do it. I have a large amount of audio and video that has been waiting to be published for a long time. Now I am going to do that. Today the Internet has opened up vast opportunities for creativity and communication that really excite me. I'm going to plunge headlong into it.

I will continue to do the Sunday Huna Talks in Volcano through December of this year (2015) and will still do them in Second Life. I will also continue my workshops in Hawaii, but as many already know, I am no longer doing workshops overseas (meaning anywhere outside of Big Island). Fortunately, Aloha International has a lot of very good teachers of Huna all around the world.

This certainly isn't goodbye in any sense. It's a great big loud ALOHA! from another canoe. Life is not just about change; it's about growth.

There are mysteries to study and decipher;
There are skills I want to sharpen and apply;
Worlds of wonder and adventure still await me;
Says my Spirit: you must grow or you must die.

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  1. Aloha, Thank you for your experience. I also look forward to your new writings My journey is taking another turn at this time! I Am excited, and I have been sharing the Huna teachings also with others with a friend. Aloha Blessings.